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Protection of Your Interests in Divorce.

Practical Legal Counsel and Protection of Your Interests in Divorce

Although no one really “wins” a divorce case, it is important to have a lawyer you can trust to protect your interests. The Law Office of Eric Roper, PA provides focused, personal attention to each case and  is committed to keeping you informed at every step of the proceeding.

Eric Roper will help you understand Florida family law and formulate a plan for completing your marital dissolution as fairly, efficiently and affordably as possible. Call or e-mail to discuss your concerns involving:

  • Petitions for dissolution of marriage and marital settlement agreements
  • Child custody and visitation arrangements that serve the best interests of your children and protect your parental rights
  • Child support, spousal support, and property and debt divisions that give all parties a fair chance to move forward with their lives
  • Petitions to modify existing child or spousal support orders
  • Specific concerns involved in military divorce cases, including rights to valuable military benefits


Reach Solutions That Accomplish Your Goals

At The Law Office of Eric Roper, the goal is to assist all clients in reaching a fair, reasonable resolution on all key issues, including custody and equitable distribution of property, without unnecessary escalation of anger or costs.  If you or your spouse has decided to dissolve your marriage, an experienced, caring family law attorney can assist and advise you on the important issues you need to resolve.

Reaching agreement on child custody and visitation (or “parenting plans”) can often be the most challenging, emotional aspect of a divorce case. In a Florida divorce case, the best interests of the child are of paramount importance.  Just as every parent, child and family is unique, your parenting plan can be tailored to your specific situation.  Whatever the specific issues are in your case, The Law Office of Eric Roper, is able to assist you.

Free Confidential Consultation

If you need assistance with any legal matter involving divorce or family law matters, contact The Law Office of Eric Roper, P.A. for a free and confidential initial consultation.

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